The short version:

Hello there! I am an Annapolis & Baltimore

MD-based wedding & lifestyle photographer with a BFA in Photography from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I like babies, dogs, and Netflix.

The long version:

Hi! My name is Caitlin and I am a photographer of all sorts of things. I would love to tell you that I've been a prolific photographer since approximately the age of six, but really, I didn't get into photography until high school. In actuality, I started out my college career as an English major and wanted to be a writer. One thing led to another, and today I still find myself a storyteller, just using a different medium.

 I began my journey into the world of wedding photography after my own wedding to my dreamboat ginger husband in May 2012. In May of 2015 we welcomed our first baby, a perfect little gingery boy named Balen. We also have four other fur-babies: a queen-bee pug, a sweet-as-can-be lady bulldog, and two bad boy cats.

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